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Staff – Junior High

Main Office


Ext. 2310


Assistant Principal

Ext. 2311


Dean of Students



Dean of Students

Ext. 2309


Attendance Secretary

Ext. 2308


Principal’s Secretary

Ext. 2301


Counseling Office


Ext. 2321


Counseling Secretary

Ext. 2303


Athletic Office

Roberson, Joshua

7-8 Athletic/Activities Director




Athletic Secretary

Ext. 2331


Student Services Staff


Ext. 2065



Ext. 2384


Social Worker

Ext. 2390


Social Worker

Ext. 2325



Ext. 2384



Aalderink, Kurt

Baker, Ryan

Bakker, Ashley

Bart, Lynne

Behnke, Nate

Black, Roy

Blackburn, Jon

Budden, Rick

Carmer, Jodi

Carmoney, Randy

Caron-Abayisenga,  Alisha

Cooper, Victoria

Cross, Monte

Crow, Taelynn 

Custer, Ted

Davis, Sherrie 

Dekker, Janine

Denton, Cathy

DeShetler, Roger

Detweiler, Jane

Diaz, Chelsey

Donker, Courtney

Ferguson, Kristin

Gurk, Shawn

Hawkins, Rebecca

Hawks, Scott

Hose, Chris

Irwin, Kathy

Janz, Melissa

Jazwinski, Stephanie

Kimball, Jeanne

Kugler, Dave

Mackenzie, Patrick

McBride, Lindsey

McSorley, Michelle

Miedzielec, Mark

Miller, Angie

Miller, Mary Alice

Monroe, Gisela

Moralez, Alexandra

Nichols, Jennifer

Obney, Kaley

Omness, Mark

Overmire, Becky

Potter, Michelle

Raredon, Sara

Rewa, Mike

Roberson, Joshua

Robinson, John

Russel, Autumn

Salazar-Bont, Irene

Schneider, Melissa

Schnotala, Jeremy

Sluiter, Katie

Staten, Nick

Steffes, Lori

Stroo, Ellen

Sturdavant-Diaz, Samantha

Trentham, Jessica 

Underhill, Jake

VandenTorn, Holly

Vandergalien, Shantel

VanderWerf, Laura

VanEnk, Brent

Vanetten, Justin

VanVliet, Craig

Varnesdeel, Bernard

Veenstra, Shawn

Vugteveen, Kristi

Walker, Anne

Warners, Adam

Wood, Amy

Worth, Julie

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Please see the attached schedule of Chromebook distributions for WPS students.
If you wish to borrow a Chromebook and have not already communicated through the robo call or email response, please send an email to pvue@wyomingps.org with your child(ren)’s name and building(s) they attend. 💜🐺💻
#BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart
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In three weeks, 33,916 meals have been served to students by WPS food service team members and volunteers! Thank you! 🍎🥪🥕🥦 #BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart #schoolsgetitdone See MoreSee Less

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WPS Family Update 4.02.20 🐺💜
Additional updates, information and resources can be found by visiting www.wyomingps.org
#BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart

WPS Family Update 4.02.20 🐺💜
Se pueden encontrar actualizaciones, información y recursos adicionales visitando www.wyomingps.org
#BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart See MoreSee Less

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The YMCA of Greater GR along with Kids Food Basket will be offering FREE grab and go lunch and dinner sacks at Oriole Park Elementary each weekday from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM. A parent or guardian may pick up meals for all children in the household. Meals will be served grab and go style in the parking lot. #BetterTogetherWPS #WyomingWolves See MoreSee Less

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We Miss YOU! 💜🐺 #BetterTogetherWPS See MoreSee Less

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