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High School Staff Directory

Main Office



Assistant Principal

Ext. 2011

Alpha Center Director

Ext. 2004

Student Advocate

Ext. 2009

Student Advocate

Ext. 2009


Ext. 2001


Ext. 2003

Counseling Office

School Psychologist

Ext. 4210

Counseling Secretary

Ext. 2007

Counselor M-Z

Ext. 2068

Social Worker

Ext. 2036

Social Worker

Ext. 2066

Counselor A-L

Ext. 2069

College Adviser

Ext. 2055

Athletic Office

Athletic Director

Ext. 2008

Athletic Secretary

Ext. 2005

Teaching Staff

Baker, Heather

Baragar, Jason

Berlin, Aaron

Bernatowicz, Gabby

Budden, Rick

Bushen, Jonathan

Cochrane, Tanya

Cole, Kim

Corfixsen, Greg

Cornell, Tom

Crennell, Casey

Davis, Tracey

Detweiler, Jane                       

Dolce, Jacqueline

Doyle, John

Duffield, Liz

Gibson, Meleah

Gurk, Shawn

Harris, Trina

Higley, Robyn

Hudson, Tom

Johnston, Melanie

Kamminga, Cathy

Kordich, Jeff

Kramer, Kathleen

Lorenz, Dan

Mast, Troy

Miller, Mary Alice

Mulvihill, Kevin

O’Dell, Joslyn

Paganelli, Dino

Pittman, Jason

Rathsack, Stephanie

Retan, Eric

Rusticus, Daniel

Schneider, Melissa

Servo, Anna

Small, Cheryl

Smith,  Kari

Smith, Kelsey

Tran, Kim-Hang

Trumbell, Edith

Vanderklay, Thom

Vangorp, Pete

Wood, Amy

Zajac, Steve

Zylstra, Chris



Baumbach,  Josh

Dangerfield, Gwen

Harig, Anne

Hernandez, Jesus

Hollern, Ted

Sigler, Irv

White, Jack



Cummings, Lillian

Hummel, Maggie

Smith, Nicolle


Breuker, Jenn

Deurloo, Kailey

Nguyen, Binh

Farris, John

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Please see the attached schedule of Chromebook distributions for WPS students.
If you wish to borrow a Chromebook and have not already communicated through the robo call or email response, please send an email to pvue@wyomingps.org with your child(ren)’s name and building(s) they attend. 💜🐺💻
#BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart
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10 hours ago

Wyoming Public Schools

In three weeks, 33,916 meals have been served to students by WPS food service team members and volunteers! Thank you! 🍎🥪🥕🥦 #BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart #schoolsgetitdone See MoreSee Less

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WPS Family Update 4.02.20 🐺💜
Additional updates, information and resources can be found by visiting www.wyomingps.org
#BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart

WPS Family Update 4.02.20 🐺💜
Se pueden encontrar actualizaciones, información y recursos adicionales visitando www.wyomingps.org
#BetterTogetherWPS #DoingMIPart See MoreSee Less

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The YMCA of Greater GR along with Kids Food Basket will be offering FREE grab and go lunch and dinner sacks at Oriole Park Elementary each weekday from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM. A parent or guardian may pick up meals for all children in the household. Meals will be served grab and go style in the parking lot. #BetterTogetherWPS #WyomingWolves See MoreSee Less

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We Miss YOU! 💜🐺 #BetterTogetherWPS See MoreSee Less

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