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Staff – Intermediate School

  • Intermediate School
  • Intermediate School

Office Staff

Blackburn, Jon

Rodriguez, Anabel

Quintino, Cintia

Rodriguez, Maralise



Attendance Secretary

Office Aide


Bilski, Steve –  5th Grade Teacher
Bing, Rebecca- 6th Grade Teacher
Bliss, Marissa – EL Teacher
Bolema, Sarah – CI Teacher
Brunet, Brad- PE Teacher
Carey, Jennifer- 5th Grade Teacher
Coe, Todd- 6th Grade Teacher
Debri, Paul- 5th Grade Teacher
DeJonge, Shawn- 5th Grade Teacher
DeWaard, Katey- 6th Grade Teacher
Downing, Jacob- 6th Grade Teacher
Failing, Kaitlin- 5th Grade Teacher
Fernhout, Mike- 5th Grade Teacher
Gavigan, Emily- Resource Teacher
Griffioen, Erin- 6th Grade Teacher
Hitchcock, Harmony- 5th Grade Teacher
Knapp, Autumn- 5th Grade Teacher   
Laven, Kelly- Music Teacher
Limbeck, Anna- 5th Grade Teacher
Lund, Meggie- EL Teacher
Meyer, Elise- Technology Teacher
Mosher, Joan- 5th Grade Teacher 
Schneider, Maurine- 6th Grade Teacher
Self, Kellie- 6th Grade Teacher
Stark, Mellissa- 6th Grade Teacher
Storey, Jacci- 6th Grade Teacher
Stricklin, Travis- 6th Grade Teacher
Stuck, Melody- Resource Teacher
VanDuinen, Michelle- 6th Grade Teacher
VanKoevering, Corrin- Resource Teacher
Wesley, Alyssa- 5th Grade Teacher
White, Johanna- 5th Grade Teacher

Aalderink, Kurt – School Psychologist
Anderton, Claire- Speech Pathologist
Karas, Chrisi- Social Worker
Martin, Jamohn- Student Advocate
Moore, Kailah- Student Advocate
Los, James- MTTS Coordinator
Robotham, Heather- Instructional Coach
Walters, Angie- Restorative Practices Leader

Black, Michelle
Lindemulder, Rebecca
Villalobos, Jinny

Anderson, Cheryl
Bushman, Jamie
Idrizi, Hatixhe (TJ)
Ferguson, Kristen
Renis, Lori
Schanel, Denise

Alberto, Elizabeth
Carroll Victor,
Hale, Tim

WPS Facebook

It’s graduation day! 🎉 Congratulations Wyoming High School Class of 2022! 💜🎓🐺
#BetterTogetherWPS #WyomingWolves
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Last weekend, Oriole Park Elementary and Parkview Elementary scholars, who are involved in Girls On The Run, participated in the Celebration 5K! 🤩
One part of participating in Girls On The Run is doing a community impact project where scholars brainstorm someone they want to impact positively. Oriole Park girls chose to honor healthcare workers and created an art project with them in mind. 💜 🐺
#BetterTogetherWPS #WyomingWolves
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Today we held an end of year celebratory lunch with Superintendent Hoekstra and our inaugural group of scholar leaders who served on the superintendent advisory council! We are so thankful for the time spent this year helping grow and strengthen WPS’ future. 💜
#BetterTogetherWPS #WyomingWolves
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The #ParkviewPack brought in some friends from the City of Wyoming – City Hall Police Department to help with some early field day training! 💜🐺
#BetterTogetherWPS #WyomingWolves
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