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Language Arts

Eduplace – This takes you to the HM on-line activities which go along with the current theme.
Starfall – Great early reading site – materials available for students, parents and teachers!
Grandpa Tucker’s Rhymes and Tales – This site, which is updated monthly, features a collection of silly rhymes and stories written for elementary age students. Also included are suggestions for writing poetry with your family. 
Little Explorers – This site, designed for preschoolers and elementary school children, features an on-line picture dictionary that includes links to things that begin with each letter of the alphabet and much more!
Language Arts Links For Kids– Here you will find Grammar Rock and kids poetry.

Social Studies

New York Times Learning Network – This is a great place for kids (grades 3 through 12) to get the scoop on current events. There are connections for students, teachers and parents on this informative site. Check it out:^)
Ben’s Guide To U.S. Government for Kids – For grades K-12, this site includes information about the United States, including the U.S. Constitution, how laws are made, branches of government and citizenship.
apples4theteacher – measure the teddy bears; K or 1st
bgfl – measures – 2nd – 5th
Woodlands Junior School (UK) – a variety of math games – all areas
A+ Math – Play math games, create flashcards or worksheets and even receive help with the “Homework Helper” feature.
 SuperKids – Use this site to make wonderfully helpful math worksheets which help children practice their skills. This site also offers educations software reviews.
 Magnolia Mustangs AAAmath
staffweb-measurements websites
 Funbrain Measurement Game
Grand Forks Math Weblinks
Guilford – design a house
BrainPOP – Presents animated movies on a huge variety of science concepts for ages 6 to 14.
Exploratorium Science Snacks – Online collection of many experiments designed by science teachers for grades 4 – 12.

Search Engines

Yahooligans – This is a kid-friendly search engine. One can search for a topic or click on the desired topic listed on the page.
Ask Jeeves for Kids – Another kid-friendly search engine. You need to put your search topic in the form of a question with this site.
Google – Very comprehensive search engine for adults.


How to Help Your Child With Homework – Developed by the U.S. Dept. of Ed. Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Helpful tips for parents, students and teachers. 
FunBrain.com – Have fun playing all kinds of educational games in many different subject areas.
Trackstar – Creates great resource lists for teachers.
Missouri Botanical Garden (MBGnet) – This site is full of information about biomes and ecosystems of the world. Learn about the animals and plants of each biome, too.
PBS Kids – For grades PreK – 5, this site not only contains information about the various PBS television programs, but includes educational games and activities.

Scholastic’s Clifford– Fun site for grades PreK-2. This sight contains word games, sound -letter matching games, story telling and rhyming activities.

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