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EL Program Components

EL services to support English language development may include:


Direct Instruction

EL English classes are taught by a bilingual or EL teacher. Support is focused on English language development and overall academic success. Newcomers English provides the opportunity for students who have recently entered the U.S. to learn everyday vocabulary and sentence structure while also developing academic and critical thinking skills.


EL Consultation/Coaching

EL staff continually monitor and support all ELs by consulting with general education classroom teachers.


Interventionist Support

EL students may receive specific skill based instruction as determined by diagnostic assessment to support continued development in Language Arts and Math.


Bilingual Support

Certified bilingual instructors and paraeducators who are fluent in both the native language of students and English provide instruction using the student’s native language to bridge comprehension gaps.


Translation Support
School districts have an obligation to ensure meaningful communication with parents in a language they can understand. Please talk to your EL teachers in your child’s school for more information.

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