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Middle College Program 

Wyoming Public Schools Middle College (WMC) is a collaborative project between Wyoming Public Schools (WPS) and Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) as a school-within-a-school five-year, “hybrid” entity combining the best elements of high school and college.

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Frontiers Program

In 2007 Michigan Department of Education asked school districts statewide to explore methods for providing additional learning options for students. The plan designed by Wyoming Public Schools was approved by the Michigan Department of Education and allowed for the creation of the Frontiers program. In the past, a school year was based on a specific number of days and hours that students are required to be in the building. The Frontiers program has proven that that a focus on demonstration of knowledge and proficiency is a better measure of outcomes than how many hours a student is in a building. We allow for scheduling flexibility and focus on student progress through the curriculum without the constraints of the traditional seat time requirements in exchange for more accountability for demonstrated learning.

Frontiers students access and experience their curriculum in a blended setting, both on campus and outside of the “brick and mortar” school building and outside of traditional school hours. Certain graduation requirements, such as Physical Education, music programs, or other exploratory options, are still be provided onsite and will require the student to attend and participate. 

Blending Traditional and Online Learning Opportunities Since 2008 


One Wyoming 1 on 1 Mentoring Program

Here are 7 reasons to mentor a student
1. Happiness comes to you when you help someone else.
2. Youth with mentors are 46% less likely to use drugs.
3. It keeps students in school.
4. Strengthens a student’s life skills.
5. Improves our community.
6. Introduces them to service organizations.
7. Gives them the assurance that someone cares about them.

Mentor Application 

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