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Blending Traditional and Online Learning Opportunities

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of diploma do I get when I complete the program?
Students who successfully complete the Frontiers program receive the same high school diploma as any other graduate of Wyoming High School and can participate in traditional graduation ceremonies and activities.

What type of computer do I need?
If you demonstrate proficiency during the first quarter of your enrollment in the program, we will loan you a district-owned laptop, loaded with all the necessary software you will need to be successful. You must maintain an acceptable level of performance quarterly to retain the laptop. Upon successful completion of the program (graduation) you will be allowed to keep that laptop as your personal property.

Who helps me with my questions about course content?
There will be a variety of supports in place including content area teachers who have office hours to provide assistance, as well as methods of online support.

Can I participate in sports or extra-curricular activities if I am enrolled in this program?
Yes, as long as you maintain any eligibility requirements necessary to participate, you can be included in any activity a traditional Wyoming High School student would.

How do you prevent students from cheating?
All tests and assessments are administered in person by a teacher or test proctor.

Can I attend on a part-time basis?
Although most participants enroll as full-time students in at least six courses, the amount of time spent on campus will vary based on individual needs. Courses from the core curriculum will be provided in an online format but some other elective courses, such as Band, will be taken in a traditional setting.
Those who choose to participate as a part-time student (i.e. home-school students) may only take elective courses. We cannot offer core courses on a part-time basis.

Do I need to have Internet access?
It is highly recommended that you have access to a broadband ISP if you are planning to access materials from home, but is not necessary. We will have open computer lab access on-site anytime during traditional school hours.


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