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Search Engines

Yahoo Kids - This is a kid-friendly search engine. One can search for a topic or click on the desired topic listed on the page.
Ask Jeeves for Kids - Another kid-friendly search engine. You need to put your search topic in the form of a question with this site.
Google - Very comprehensive search engine for adults.


Funbrain Measurement Game AAAmath
eMints Grand Forks Math Weblinks
King's Math - huge list of math websites for all standards
apples4theteacher - measure the teddy bears; K or 1st
bgfl - measures - 2nd - 5th
Woodlands Junior School (UK) - a variety of math games - all areas
A+ Math - Play math games, create flashcards or worksheets and even receive help with the "Homework Helper" feature.
Ask Dr. Math - Provides math help for K-12 students. Also includes an archive of previously asked questions.
SuperKids - Use this site to make wonderfully helpful math worksheets which help children practice their skills. This site also offers educations software reviews.
Brain Teasers - For grades 3 - 8, this site offers weekly brain teaser problems.

Math Webquests

Dodge/Marsh - U of SanDiego Camden County Academy
Measurement 500 - 4th grade  
Guilford - design a house! Metric Invasion - 5th grade


BrainPOP - Presents animated movies on a huge variety of science concepts for ages 6 to 14.
Exploratorium Science Snacks - Online collection of many experiments designed by science teachers for grades 4 - 12.

Language Arts

Eduplace - This takes you to the HM on-line activities which go along with the current theme.
Starfall - Great early reading site - materials available for students, parents and teachers!
Little Explorers - This site, designed for preschoolers and elementary school children, features an on-line picture dictionary that includes links to things that begin with each letter of the alphabet and much more!
Book Adventure - Great resource for teachers, parents and students.
Kid's Books - Provides a categorized collection of recommended books for students in grades K-12. Students may even choose to write a review of a book they've read and send it in to be published on the site.

Social Studies

New York Times Learning Network - This is a great place for kids (grades 3 through 12) to get the scoop on current events. There are connections for students, teachers and parents on this informative site. Check it out:^)
Ben's Guide To U.S. Government for Kids - For grades K-12, this site includes information about the United States, including the U.S. Constitution, how laws are made, branches of government and citizenship.
White House for Kids - Learn more about our country, its president and the white house.


U.S. Department of Labor - Occupations ( - Find out about careers and a lot more at this site.
Careercruising - Another great site for learning about careers and schools. - Another great site for learning about careers and schools.


U.S. Dept. of Education Parent Landing - Developed by the U.S. Dept. of Ed. Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Helpful tips for parents. - Have fun playing all kinds of educational games in many different subject areas.
Trackstar - Creates great resource lists for teachers.
Houghton Mifflin Education Place - Resources in all four subject areas for parents, students and teachers.
Yahoo Kids Animals - Interesting site dedicated to learning about animals. Animals are listed by category (i.e. reptiles, mammals, etc.)

Missouri Botanical Garden (MBGnet) - This site is full of information about biomes and ecosystems of the world. Learn about the animals and plants of each biome, too.

PBS Kids - For grades PreK - 5, this site not only contains information about the various PBS television programs, but includes educational games and activities.
Scholastic's Clifford- Fun site for grades PreK-2. This sight contains word games, sound -letter matching games, story telling and rhyming activities.
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